What is Event Monitoring (HeartBug)?

A HeartBug Monitor is a small device that records your heart rate and rhythm over a longer period than a Holter device or ECG.  Your doctor may want to have a record of your heart symptoms for up to a month.  The HeartBug Monitor is a small portable device that can be worn around the neck, on your belt or in your pocket. It is attached to two small wires that then are attached to the electrodes.  The electrodes are sticky tabs attached to two key positions on the chest. The device is very small, and wires are unobtrusive to enable them to be worn every day.

How does it work?

You place the sticky electrodes firmly on your chest and the wires will be attached to the monitoring device.  The device will record your heart rate, rhythm etc which is then sent via smart phone app or landline, this must be done every morning and evening.  The device also has the ability for you to record symptoms via the app that can be relayed along with your regular morning and evening information sending.

What do I have to do first?

Make an appointment first. You will need to come to our clinic to have the electrodes, leads and monitor fitted at this appointment

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Preparation for your appointment is simple. Make sure you are wearing loose fitting clothing.  Males may need to shave a small part of their chest to ensure the electrodes/tabs will stick to your chest. Do not use talcum powder or creams or body lotions before your appointment, these may lessen the adhesion of the tabs/electrodes. 

What do I do once it is set up?

You need to make sure you send the information to the system every morning and evening.  You will be shown how to do this at your appointment.  It is very simple and easy to follow so you don’t need to be tech savvy to do it, you just need the app if you have a smart phone (which will do it automatically for you) or a wireless landline phone.   

What if the electrodes or leads come off?
At your appointment when the device is fitted you will be shown what to do if the leads or electrodes come off. The electrodes just stick back on, make sure they are put back in the same place and press firmly.  The lead just reattaches easily.

Should I take the device off when I shower or bathe?
The device can not get wet, so you need to take it off when you bathe or shower.  It is a simple process, just gently remove the leads and the device.  Leave the electrode tabs in place, make sure you do not rub them whilst you are washing. Pat dry gently when finished and reattach the leads and the device.

Can I take the device off?
For the doctor have the full and correct results do not take off the device (except for showering or to bathe). If there is any reason you think you will not be able to wear the device for the specified timeframe, please let us know before you start this process.